A Meteorite Crashes in Povoado Borracha, Brazil


Farmers around Povoado Borracha, distrito de Vicência, Brazil, are worried after a meteorite had fallen from the sky on September 23 2013.

The stone is about 1.2 pounds. If he is lucky, he will soon be able to by a banana plantation (region’s speciality). If you understand Portuguese, please translate the video below!

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Meteorite falls in Brazil september 23 2013. Photo: http://www.diariodepernambuco.com.br/app/noticia/vida-urbana/2013/09/26/interna_vidaurbana,464618/suposto-meteorito-cai-em-povoado-de-vicencia.shtml

As you know, falling meteorites can go sonic and create loud booms. Loud booms reported in Connecticut last April were related to such an explosion.


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