The Strange-Looking Extinct Pinocchio Lizard is Still Alive


Ornithologists thought it was extinct. But the long-nosed Pinocchio lizard is still alive!

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The long-nosed Pinocchio lizard. Picture: WWW.TROPICALHERPING.COM/Caters

This long-nosed Pinocchio lizard was spotted by an eco-tourism group who have been combing a remote area in the north west of Ecuador for three years. The lizard, first discovered in 1953 and named after the fictional lying puppet, was thought to be extinct until 2005 and has only been spotted three times since. The curious-looking animal did a disappearing act in the 1960s and was not seen again until an ornithologist saw one crossing the road in the same stretch of cloud forest. The animal was most recently captured by Alejandro Arteaga, a co-founder of eco-tourism company Tropical Herping, which has been searching for the almost long-lost animal.

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