Amazing Photographs You’d Only See If You Were A Bird


1. Barcelona (and its Sagrada Familia) in Spain

2. New York City (and its Central Park) in the USA

3. Dubai (and its amazing hotels) in the United Arab Emirates

4. Nördlingen (and its round form) in Germany

5. Seattle (and Mount Rainier) in Washington State, USA

6. Bern (and its old town) in Switzerland (it is where I live actually!)

7. Giza pyramids in Egypt

8. The Vatican City in Rome

9. Vancouver and its islands

10. Amsterdam and its canals

11. Bac Son Valley in Vietnam

12. Favela in Mexico City

13. Venice and its Canal Grande

14. An Island in the Maldives

15. Orange County in Florida

16. Tulip Fields in Spoorbuurt in The Netherlands

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