Planet Nibiru or Camera Flare? Video of Quadruple Sun Super Halo – January 24 2014


This is an amazing video of Planet Nibiru… Sorry, of a quadruple sun caught above Kingman in Arizona on January 24 2014.

This video was submitted on our Facebook page by Jüergen Kain, a fan of weird sky phenomena. And I believe this footage is fascinating. A guy in Arizona recorded a video of a quadruple sun. Four patches of light are clearly visible: the sun in the center, two patches on its left and right that form a sun dog and the fouth one, a blue dot (btw, I do not know what kind of lenses he is using) above right behind the sun!

This bright blue dot is weird! Is this Planet Nibiru? A camera flare? A sun glare? Or is it part of the sun dog?

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Sun dog January 2014 in USA. Photo: @SAVANNAH_HN ON INSTAGRAM

The video description states:

I visually confirmed all 3 patches of light with my own eyes. Now I’m not literally saying they are planets. Left and right are sun dogs I believe. But above right of the sun there is also another blue dot visible to the eye. This is not generated by the camera. This Logitech C920 HD webcam makes two distinct flares only, this is not one of them, but whatever happened here it was amazingly BEAUTIFUL to see. You decide what you think it is! The video was captured Live on Upstream at 4:10pm Arizona Gmt 01-24-2014 by Darkskywatchers Global Skywatch Network.

What do you think this is?

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