The Sounds Of Earth: Listen To The Murmur Of Our Planet


For billions of years, the Earth and other planets have silently traveled through space, spinning around the sun without making a sound or almost. Even here on the planet, there’s been little to hear. Hah, I am just kidding!

What is the sound of our Earth?

For her project named ‘The sound of the Earth’, Lotte Greeven travelled to the deepest open hole in the world ( in Germany I suppose, but others say it’s located on the border of the Czech Republic) to find out about Earth’s deepest mysteries and get a sense of what it sounds like for our planet to spin and spin while looping around the sun.

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Listen to the strange sounds or earth. Photo: Youtube

What do you think these sounds are? Seismic waves travelling into the crust? Well let me know in your comments!

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