This Is How MDMA, Cocaine And LSD Look Like?


Impressionist paintings of absinthe drinkers and Woodstock-era psychedelic posters cement the strong historical relationship between the visual arts and drug culture. Now, discover, what substances like GHB, MDMA, Crystal Meth and LSD look like!

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Photo of crystal meth by Sarah Schönfeld

Schönfeld’s collection of images document all manner of mind-altering substances from nightclub favorites like ecstasy and MDMA to the more sedate prescriptions you might find in your grandmother’s medicine cabinet.

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Photo of GHB by Sarah Schönfield

The simple, repetitive compositions allow viewers to compare the drugs in an almost clinical fashion—and to discover uncomfortable similarities between seemingly disparate drugs.

crank and coffein photo, crank and coffein photo by Sarah Schönfield speed photo, coffeine photo
crank and coffein photo by Sarah Schönfield

For instance, speed and caffeine share a nearly identical spiky, abrasive appearance that might lead some to reconsider just how healthy their relationship with cappuccinos really is.

photo of pcp by Sarah Schönfield, photo of pcp, pcp illicit drug, illicit drug pcp
photo of pcp by Sarah Schönfield

This is how she made her photos:

Each of the wall-sized images started with a single piece of film exposed to a dark, neutral background. As the film was developing she put a single drop of the drug, diluted in water or alcohol, onto the negative, which kickstarted a chemical reaction between the emulsion and illicit substance, leading to an explosion of colors and shapes.

photo of MDMA, MDMA photo, photo of MDMA by Sarah Schönfield, drug under microscope, Sarah Schönfield, Sarah Schönfield drug photos
photo of MDMA by Sarah Schönfield

Her psychedelic photography gives all these substances—which are nowadays pills, powders, liquids—a face, however abstract and distant it might be.

photo of ketamine, photo of ketamine by Sarah Schönfield, ketamine, ketamine picture
photo of ketamine by Sarah Schönfield

These illicit drug photographs represent a glimpse into the artful side of addiction.

cocain photo, cocain photo by Sarah Schönfield photo of Cocain, what cocain looks like?
cocain photo by Sarah Schönfield

And now the perverse question. Based on these photographs, which one would you like to try?

LSD Picture, LSD Picture by Sarah Schönfield photography of LSD
LSD Picture by Sarah Schönfield

For more amazing pictures, look at this gallery!

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