US Polar Vortex Creates Eerie Atmosphere In Nebraska – January 2014


A Huge Fire Started In Sub Zero Temperatures. What Happened After Firefighters Came Is Breathtaking.

Due to the polar vortex moving through the United States this week, temperatures have been plummeting in almost every state but especially the Midwest. In some places, with wind chill, the temperature outside has been nearly -35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Amazing photo of frozen street. Photo: AP Photo/Nati Harnik

In Plattsmouth, Nebraska, it was so cold that when firefighters attempted to put out a fire, something absolutely mystifying happened. The air was so cold, that when firefighters began to spray their hoses, the water froze immediately, like last year in Chicago.

Amazing Atmosphere after fire in Nebraska. Photo: AP Photo/Nati Harnik

It both put out the fire… and created a winter wonderland.

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Fire fighters try to put our a fire in Nebraska. This is the result!.

This building seriously looks like it’s straight out of Narnia. The video is also pretty mystic, no?

The cold temperatures may be beautiful, but there are thousands of people who are waited with bated (and frozen) breath for the more temperate air to return.

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