The Cove: Horrifying and Unreleased Dolphin Slaughter Videos From Taiji in Japan


Have you ever heard about the documentary The Cove? You know, this movie on the traditional annual dolphin drive hunt in Taiji, Japan, where thousands of dolphins and porpoises are slaughtered for their meat or sold into captivity.

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New unreleased videos of the dolphins’ slaughter in Taiji Japan (The Cove documentary). Photo: VIMEO

Well, in the last Newsweek magazine a story comes back on the impact that The Cove had on Taiji villagers. Of course very bad!

In response to the Newsweek’s article, The Cove film’s director released horrifying images of crying dolphins being slaughtered (too graphic for the actual documentary.

You can hear the sounds and cries of the suffering dolphins!

Be carefull, it’s really gruesome!

Well I truely believed that some tradition should be banned… Too disgusting! If you want to buy this movie, please support us and buy it from our site. Thank you for your help!

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