Some tradition should be banned: Pilot whales killing in Faroe Islands

This should be banned! Traditions should not kill!


This mass whale killing tradition reminds me of that perpetrated against dolphins in Taiji, Japan. It’s sadistic, inhumane and utterly disgraceful. I am shocked! How is such a cruelty possible? How can the killers live with themselves?

As shown in this first picture, blood stains the water after the pilot whale slaughter in the Faroe Islands.

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Pilot whales slaughter in Faroe Islands. Photo:

This weird hunting tradition called “Grindadráp” is not commercial. Pilot whales are surrounded by hunters in boats and driven slowly into a bay or fjord where they are slaughtered, as shown in this movie (GRAPHIC!):

I believe after seeing that, you feel hate and ask yourself… But why?

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bloody and brutal pilot whale mass killing in Faroe Islands

Hey Faroese brothers! Fight against this brutality and mass murdering! Now! The world is now watching you and starts hating your so-called traditions (at least this one).

If you don’t have enough, you can watch more pictures of these bloody events here

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  1. What rights does the outside world have to tell Scandinavians what to eat for dinner? NONE. These fishermen, who are heroes to their communities, will continiue doing this for as long as they want. The red meat of each and every of these stupid whales is consumed, and oh boy its tasty. The Faroe Islands will never ever care what the hateful, disgusting, racist, bigoted and hypocritical outside world thinks of them, not even if the majority of the world would think so! Why? Cause the Faroese does not give up for hateful bigots. They kill whales cause they eat them, which is enough justification. Meat is shared for free to the entire communities. This is as humane as it can get, as these are completely free range whales, they have lived free until just one unlucky day, unlike farm animals whos consumption is publicly accepted in hypocritical countries like the United States and England where its the norm to hate people who eats other animals.

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