Weather Anomaly: Three Dragon-like Low Pressure Systems Over North America


This is how the tornado season started last year!

Look at these three amazing low pressure systems sweeping through North America… They are really similar to three huge and terrifying atmospheric dragons wanting to fire everything around!

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Weather Anomaly: Three low pressure systems over North America. Gif: Sploid

Is it a game marketing ploy? No, but a pretty unusual atmospheric phenomenon!

According to NASA Goddard:

[quote_box_center]All three lows have the signature comma shape that make them appear to be curled up dragons. According to the National Weather Service, the low pressure area approaching the northwestern U.S. is expected to bring rainfall to the coast and areas of snow that stretch from western Washington state south toward the four corners region. The low in the middle of the country is located over Nebraska and dropping snow to the north and west of it. That same low is bringing rain from southern Minnesota south to eastern Texas. Meanwhile, the third low pressure system is bringing rain and snow to parts of New England.[/quote_box_center]

The original gif is downloadable here.

That’s an amazing weather phenomenon.

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