Loud Boom: Increasing Number Of Mystery Booms Around The World – July 2014

Mysterious boom's reports are increasing on this blog. But the reason why is still unknown!


Is it our earth which is about to shift? At least there are always more reports of mystery booms around the world.

Here a loud booming noise compilation from July 5 2014. Our earth is preparing for something, but I don’t know what!

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Mystery booms are increasingly felt across the world. Image

Loud booms at Smithsonian Metro station – July 10 2014

As reported by Twitterer Steve Spaulding, all went running out of wmata station at Smithsonian when sparks, loud bang and smoke terrified metro passengers. No injuries have been reported and, of course officials say there were no explosions despite loud bang initial eyewitness reports on Twitter. Do they want to hide something? I would say the earth is moving and it created this loud explosion-like boom (probably an underground transformer explosion).

Mystery boom in Dunham Township – June 26 2014

Last June 26, a mysterious boom was heard and felt by two residents of Dunham Township. The source of this explosion remains unknown but I would say it is related to fracking! What do you think?

Mystery boom July 10 2014 (unknown location)

I just heard a boom earlier today (July 10) at 6:20 PM. It sounded like something huge just hitting our house, but my dad went outside to check and nothing was there. It was so loud there was even a confused neighbor outside looking around when he went out. He thinks it was some kind of explosion even though there was no sign of anything.

Loud mysterious booms in Murray Utah – July 2014

Hi, I live in Murray about 10 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah. Over this past year and a half I’ve heard loud booming noises all over the salt lake valley. The booming noises seem to occur every few months or so and I’ve kinda gotten use to it. The first time I heard these noises, I thought it was some kind of explosion from a power transformer, or a sonic boom from a jet. Very similar to what others have posted, these sounds have rattled windows, set-off car alarms, and startled dogs in my neighborhood. The sounds are hard to pinpoint because they seem to come from all directions. They do sound like they come from sky but they could be coming from the ground as well. These booming noises have a very distinct resonance that I can feel in my chest sometimes. To be fair, I don’t live far away from the Salt Lake International airport, and 40 miles further north is Hill Airforce Base. So maybe they could be sonic booms from Jets. Utah is also home to Toole Army Depot which is in the desert west of Salt Lake City. This base serves as a storage site for war reserve and ammunition. This base also conducts classified testing. Just something to think about. I really don’t have an answer to where these sounds are coming from.

Strange humming sounds Redondo Beach in California – July 2014

About 16 years ago in Redondo Beach, CA, I was fast asleep in the middle of the night a strange out of this world humming that was deafening.. I woke up and got my daughters up, which they could not hear the sound. In a frightened panic I got the courage to go outside and investigate.. but there was nothing. I have not shared with many folks, as these type of experiences make people think you are nutty (unless you experience yourself, hard for people to believe you).
I live in Redondo Beach, CA. and about 16 years ago I was asleep on my couch and heard a loud high pitch sound.. that woke me up very disturbed, because it was a sound that I’ve never heard before. i woke up my daughters, which neither one of them could hear it. I was so frightened, yet got the courage to go outside..and looked up in the sky .. but could not see anything.. Unless.. real high up. I am so glad other have heard this. I did not want to share with anyone. If you don’t experience first hand..people think you are freak or crazy.. But yes! I heard that high pitch un-explained sound everyone is talking about here.

Can strange sounds come from space?

Hey I heard the some of the sounds sped up .In particular the 1 sounded like some banging a drum steady and slow. Last night I heard the same sound on How the universe works only it was the 1st gamma bursts detected by the military’s nuke detectors . What i am rambling about is . Could an event in space cause infra-sound on earth audible to us ? I would say yes… But the sound has such a low-frequency, it can only be caught by very sensitive microphones. I wrote about the radio signals emitted during the solar flares of July 8, 2014 in this article.

Possible cause for loud booms and the strange sounds in the sky

Planet X is causing the strange sounds worldwide as shown by poleshift.ning.com and yowusa.com. The Atlantic is expanding and the Pacific compressing. We expect the crossing in 2016. The chemtrailing cannot hide it longer. Tectonic plates are exposed to friction as the hum increases and trumpet sounds and booms are methane gas leaking through crevices and the noises will only get worse as the pole shift advances. Yes, the magnetic field is becoming weaker and the consequences of a field reversal are pretty terrfying!

Strange sounds and loud booms in Australia – July 2014

I heard something very similar here in Australia in Feb last year. I could hear it about 2km away approaching, sounded like a freight train and at first I thought the wind was carrying the noise, only to realise that there was no wind and no breeze. It got louder and louder, the dogs in the neighborhood were going off their heads and as it approached, the windows were shaking and the noise was so loud, I remember thinking that it sounded like I was standing next to a Sand Blaster or a jet engine, I could hear a hydraulic noise. I had to step away from the window as I thought the windows were going to explode. It passed like it was over the top of my house and then went further down the road. I couldn’t see any lights and all the street lights had gone out. It totally scared me, it went further down the road and then disappeared and everything went still again. I asked my neighbor the next day if he had heard that sound and he said he had heard nothing! Totally freaked me out…and I find myself here, trying to find answers. Nice to know I am not alone!! ( We do live about two blocks away from huge power lines – I am not sure if that has anything to do with it??). Here something about the Bondi Hum!

Loud booms in Indiana – July 5 2014

I KNOW its real I’m in Indiana and have heard booms like that on more than one occasion. My whole family, this block, this town and surrounding counties have heard them.

Yes guys, you are not dreaming! Mysterious loud booms exist but most of the time their origin remains unknown!

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  1. I ALSO heard the strange boom on July Third, around @ ten forty-five …It started out like thunder, but continued to crescendo into a much louder booming noise that shook my home like an earthquake…in fact, the windows rattled uncontrollably and when I checked my property the next day, I found twelve long cracks on the stucco in different areas of my house! ALSO, My neighbors and I have also heard Sound Waves at different times of the day, but mostly in the late evening and early am. These noises seem to be coming from the ground or air but it is indistinguishable…It almost sounds like someone is quickly rolling their large garbage receptacle across the yard…very strange and it seems to cover a wide area. We live on the East side of Anthem, AZ.

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