Sun Eruption Noise: Solar Flare Sounds Like Raging Waves On The Beach

Have you ever heard the sun? Listen to the strange sounds of solar flares erupting.


Do you know how a solar storm sounds like?

This solar eruption sounds like waves crashing on a beach during a thunderstorm.

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This M6-class solar flare erupted on July 8, 2014, from an unexpected source. Photo: John Henry Osorio Orozco on July 8, 2014 @ Medellin – Colombia

As already introduced in a previous post, a large solar flare erupted from an unexpected sunspot on July 8, 2014. And this M6-class flare had a noisy side-effect (solar radio emissions) as recorded by amateur radio astronomer Thomas Ashcraft in New Mexico.

This video gives an idea of what a 8.4-class solar flare sounds like… Impressive!

The audio sample and video capture the dynamic character of the solar flare, which definitively sounds like a raging sea crashing on a sandy beach… Amazing!

Follow this link to listen to another intense solar flare recording.

What are solar radio emissions?

Radio bursts are created by shock waves moving through the sun’s atmosphere, which excite sun plasma instabilities that emit static-y radio waves. To each plasma instability corresponds a solar radio burst type. Those recorded by Thomas Ashcraft are from Type II and Type IV.

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