Indiana Sand Dune: More Mysterious Holes In Mount Baldy Sand Dune Discovered


Indiana sand dune: Experts are baffled by holes that keep appearing suddenly on Mount Baldy in Indiana

So what’s the mystery behind these sinkhole dunes that swallowed a boy in June 2013.

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One of the mystery holes in the Mount Baldy Sand Dune. Photo: NATIONAL PARK SERVICE.

Mysterious cavities aren’t only appearing in Siberia! More than a year after a 6-year-old boy was almost buried alive in a popular sand dune, more holes are appearing. And scientists still aren’t sure why. The last one discovered last week, was 7 inches wide and 4.5 feet deep (the deepest to date).

Do you remember?

As new dune sinkholes may form, the popular Indiana sand dune, called Mount Baldy, remains closed to public.

Now, scientists are trying to determine what’s causing the cavities. According to a new study, decomposing trees, abandonned houses, and other items buried by the rapidly growing sand masses could be responsible for the sudden and dangerous holes appearing in Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

Do you really think that these sand holes are connected to decaying trees or rotting man made structures buried by Mount Baldy? Hopefully scientists are right!

What is your theory to explain these strange Indiana sand dune holes?

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