Vancouver Fireball: Large Meteor Explodes Over Vancouver – Sonic Boom


Vancouver fireball? Yes, a large meteor exploded over Vancouver, on August 18 2014 at 10:15 p.m.

According to numerous witness reports, a bright object and its giant tail was visible striking in the sky over Vancouver, Canada. This fall was accompanied by a sonic boom!

meteor vancouver, meteor, fireball, meteor photo, fireball photo, meteor vancouver,  fireball vancouver, fireball vancouver august 2014, meteor fireball, A meteor exploded over Vancouver on August 18, 2014. Photo for representational purposes found on Wiki Commons
A meteor explodes over Vancouver on August 18, 2014. Photo for representational purposes found on Wiki Commons

The event occurred at approximately 10:15 p.m., and Vancouverites who witnessed it quickly took to Twitter to share their experiences.

Here are some interesting tweets about this Vancouver meteor:

  • It’s not every night is treated to a spectacular streaking across the sky. Followed by a ‘boom’. Truly AWESOME sight!!!
  • it wasn’t a comet we saw & heard!
  • Did anyone else catch the giant meteor? I thought it was lightning!
  • Crazy bright over . Lit up the whole backyard! Broke apart heading north west. Sonic boom a bit later.

Witnesses say it was so bright to the point that the entire sky and ground lit up from its illumination. The meteor was green in colour and traveled from south to north.

A boom could be heard seconds after it passed, which could indicate that a large meteor disintegrated in mid-air or made contact with land. It is well known that meteors go sonic.

The phenomenon could be related to the highly active Perseid Meteor Shower, which peaked from August 11 to 13, 2014.

Did you also see this vancouver fireball exploding in the Canadian megapole skies?

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