Seal Sounds: The Cute Help Me Screams Of A Baby Seal In Distress


Listen to the cute baby seal sounds in distress!

Although you would believe the baby seal is far away from its relative and friends, don’t worry! They are not so far away as you hear them as well.

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A smiling baby seal. Listen to the heart-breaking seal pup sound below!

How pups or baby seals communicate?

Seals communicate vocally by making noise with their throat and air. The range, pitch, and variety of these noises, however, are all vast and specified to each living environment.

  • Arctic seals groan, chug, or growl
  • Weddell seals send high-frequency underwater whistles
  • Harbor seals make quiet calls.

Pups call out more often than adults. Baby seals make a noise that their mothers can distinguish individually, showing the intensity of the relation between the pup and its mother. Amazing!

Have you ever heard something cuter than this? Have you ever seen a baby seal in real? I had the chance once while visiting my aunt in Northern Quebec! Beautiful animals!

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