Weather Anomaly: Unseasonal Snow in Australia and Hawaii


The weather is anomalous these days. Unseasonal snow is covering parts of Australia – Blue mountains near Sydney – and the Big Island of Hawaii. Pretty unusual weather phenomenon, isn’t it?

Sydney and the surrounding areas have been hit by unseasonal snow, strong winds and torrential rain. The last unexpected snow storm in NWS occurred last June 2014. Yes, even kangaroos have been sighted jumping and enjoying the snow (15 cm) in the Blue Mountains:

Here another report about these powerful storms that swept through Sydney and area. Look at the lightning show, they are really impressive. Sydney is trying to recover after this extreme storm which brought gale force winds, torrential rain and even snow to the Blue Mountains:

But this is not everything. Look at the satellite image below. Yes, what you see is snow, ON THE BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII:

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The weather is odd over Hawaii: Too early snow on Big Island.

Nothing new about snowfall on the Big Island. It commonly occurs on Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea – top and bottom arrows respectively in the photo. But so early in the season… it is somewhat rare and baffling!

Hopefully the winter will not be too blizzardy!

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