Mysterious Glow Lights Up The Sky Of Vallenar and Baffles Officials – Meteor Explosion?


What was this mysterious glow lighting up the sky of Vallenar, Chile?

Although officials have no ideas about the origin of this strange explosion-like phenomenon, netizens have a fixed explanation… It was a meteor disintegrating!

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Veronica Varas

This sudden and short light lit up the sky of Vallenar on January 27, 2015. Many netizens began to question the weird sky phenomenon that had been seen and photographed.

Despite the uproar, there are no official explanations yet. Too bad! There are no videos available…

But the picture suggests that this weird event occurred in the sky. Was it a meteor exploding? Or a giant lightning strike? And what about a giant transformer explosion?

This weird glow has been avidely discussed on Twitter.

Do you remember this giant explosion in Russia?

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