Unexplained Booms and Rumblings: Sonic Booms or Loud Explosions Heard Across UK on November 29, 2014?


Unexplained booms and rumblings shooking windows and houses have been experienced from London to Glasgow on November 29, 2014.

Were these loud bangs firework explosions or jet sonic booms?

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Several loud ‘mystery bangs’ that shook windows baffled people across the country on Saturday night. After Manchester, 5 days ago, dozens of Twitter users, reported hearing and feeling strange noises, which sounded like fireworks or loud aircraft, between 10pm and 10.30pm, from London to Glasgow:

Did anyone hear some loud bangs around 10:00pm sounded like fireworks? by What’s On in Epsom

Heard huge explosions south of Croydon – assumed fireworks but shook the windows and nothing to be soon. by Jonas

I have just heard 3 explosions assumed fireworks too NE England. by June Hurst

Here a video of the loud bangs heard across UK:

My dogs are freaking out! Gotta be sonic booms or something if heard over such a large area by so many. by Virtual Astronomer

Dogs went crazy for a couple of minutes about 20 minutes ago here in Fareham. Assumed audible distant bangs were fireworks. by Dave Reed

Heard really loud bangs across Brighton about an hour ago and I heard them yesterday too around 5pm. Everyone is tweeting about it too. by Jasmine

After careful investigation – closing A1 motorway, counter-terrorism experts, helicopter and bomb detection dogs -no evidence of any explosions were found.

Officials, baffled, say the only logical explanation are fireworks… There was a display in Croydon, but how people all across UK were able to hear and feel the booms? This is impossible! 

There are Russian airships performing ‘routine military exercises‘ while passing through the English Channel. Did they fly sonic?

I would bet on a loud meteor disintegration!

Did you hear the mysterious noises? What do you think they were?

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  1. Has anyone looked at the USGS Earth Quake site go to the site, there you will see that there are several Fault Lines joined between the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.. Also on the same USGS site you can look up volcanic activity and there has been a lot in Iceland over the last two(2) to three (3) weeks. so just maybe that boom that everyone heard was from underground and not some Government classified plane.

  2. Ancient atmospheric extinction event. More info here: http://jumpingjackflashhypothesis.blogspot.com/

    There’s 5 trillion pounds of explosively flammable methane dissociating off the US East Coast, enough to cause 250,000 ten-kiloton explosions. That might just be plenty enough explosive force to destroy a goodly portion of Europe and the US East Coast once it really gets going.

  3. I heard these mystery booms, I went running up to sons room to get him to listen cause I knew they wasn’t normal sound- it was a freaky noise quite spooky

  4. Loud bangs last night in glasgow, thought it might be fireworks but were rapid after each other, lasted for quite a while. Nothing on TV about it. Strange.

    • have you looked at the USGS there are several fault lines that lie between the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.. Also in Iceland there has been alot of volcanic activity you can also see that on the USGS site.

  5. Heard weird sound in South London last night around 10pm coming from the sky. It sounded like the sky was ripping & went on for about an hour. Really freaky!

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