New Island Created By Tonga Volcano Eruption Silently Emerges From Underwater


The volcano has been erupting for approximately a month in the ocean.

And this volcanic eruption has created a new island… Which could however soon sink back into the ocean.

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New Zealand High Commission in Tonga

You remember Niijima, the newly formed volcanic island in Japan? Scientists also believed it would not last and finally it did!

The same may occur in the Pacific archipelago of Tonga were an ongoing volcanic eruption has created a new island, 65 kilometers northwest of Tonga’s capital, Nukualofa.

Although scientists say it could soon sink back into the ocean – not named yet – it measures around 1.8 kilometers by 1.5 kilometers and rises around 100 meters above the sea. And is still growing!

It’s like every birth… So exciting and spectacular! The geological phenomenon hasn’t emitted any booming sounds. Maybe as eerie as this 2009 Tonga underwater volcanic eruption:

As geologists and vulcanologists suggest, the island may be eroded by the ocean waves within a few months and again dissappear until the next eruption… Or the next extreme earthquakes.

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