6 ways mushrooms can save and change the world


Monsanto does not want this article to go viral as it could very well bring about their demise.

This patent could be so disruptive that it could crush the chemical pesticides industry and change the world.

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Paul Stamets and his magic mushroom

In 2006 a patent was granted to a man named Paul Stamets. Even though Paul is the world’s leading mycologist, his patent has received very little attention and exposure.

Why? As stated by executives in the pesticide industry, this patent represents “the most disruptive technology we have ever witnessed.” And when they say disruptive, they are referring to it being disruptive to their chemical pesticides industry.

We can no longer deny that the pesticide industry is causing incredibly detrimental effects to the earth, people, animals, plants & insects too.

But with Monsanto generating nearly $16 BILLION dollars in 2014, they certainly have enough resources and abilities to suppress information that may be damaging to them.

Link: One Man Holds a PATENT That Could Crush MONSANTO and Change The World via www.loveclicks.org

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