10 creepy sounds and audio recordings around the world


So what’s the creepiest audio recordings you ever found?

Here a list of 10 of the most creepy sounds recorded around the world.

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Jupiter Sounds

Current 93 Creepy yet beautiful

The Innocents Opening This is a very creepy yet extremely touching song that is sung by a child.

911 Call, Child in Panic regarding Domestic Abuse I could only listen to the first 10 seconds and I won’t listen any further.

Brick Through Windshield Again, its the sound. I never actually listened to it and I won’t. I’m a sensitive dude.

Red Fox Calls

Air Raid Siren

Eerie Sounds of Saturn

Jonestown Rev. Jim Jones.

Suicide Mouse It’s interesting.. I suppose

If you have some more please add them in the comment below!

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