Earthquake boom reports for June 2015


Here a series of earthquake booms heard and felt by people around the world.

That’s the sound and power of nature!

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Magnitude 3.5 earthquake in WESTERN TURKEY on Wednesday, June 17 2015

People reported a short dull noise and very weak shaking as well as a bang, followed by shaking of the floor (3rd floor of a building) and rattling windows.

2.6M Earthquake goes boom near Manson, Washington, June 14 2015

Standing still on a tile floor, I felt lifted slightly, accompanied by a sort of roar, then a sharp, short drop accompanied by a very loud boom! sound.

Earthquake boom during 3.5M quake in Edmond, Oklahoma, June 13 2015

Not shaking but rather like being near an explosion. Heard it first – boom – some distance away and when it got to me it was like another milder explosion.

Strange noise created by 3.8 earthquake in Greece on June 13 2015


Harmonic heard just prior 3.1 quake in Northern Idaho on June 13 2015

Thought I noticed something earlier but thought nothing of it. Checked the USGS earthquake page and saw we had a 3.1. I check the Seismogram Viewer and noticed a long Harmonic tremor that happened right before the earthquake. This harmonic tremor was picked up a 3 different stations near Spokane Washington.

Loud rumble and booms in Northern Chile before Mag 6.0 quake, June 10 2015

Rocking movement with noise. Loud rumble across the silent desert at 10:53am. 2 big shakes. Long with steady short waves that increased and decrease in magnitude.

Magnitude 5.2 quake loud booms in Greece,  June 9 2015

It was strong enough to make me up and appeared to last for about 40-50 seconds. It woke us up. It was little noisy and we needed sone time to realize it. I thought that it lasted for a long time.It had noise and i was scared.

Edmond Oklahoma earthquake produce sonic boom , June 7 2015

Felt like a sonic boom in Edmond, OK.

Some of these earthquakes are man-made (US) other are just the result of massive geological tension release. Have you ever heard some earthquake booms?

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