The Arietid daylight meteor shower from June 6 to 12 2015


The Arietids are the fifth strongest shower of the year.

Ironically, most people never notice this relatively intense shower as it peaks in broad daylight.

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The pink “hot spot” in this CMOR sky map shows how the radar echoes are clustered in the constellation Aries

On June 4th, the Canadian Meteor Orbit Radar (CMOR) has begun to detect the Daytime Arietid shower.

As explained by Space Weather:

[quote_box_center]This meteor shower is likely related to a complex of debris streams produced during the breakup of a large comet several millennia ago.[/quote_box_center]

This daytime meteor shower has a very broad peak lasting almost five days. The best time to watch will be any day during the early morning hours of June 6 – June 12 2015.

Arietids are ‘Earthgrazers’, so meteors which enter at shallow (<10o) angles and streak across very long arcs in the sky. Enjoy!

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  1. As the radiant is close to the sun, the few Arietids which might be seen just before dawn will be earthgrazers, or near earthgrazers.

    This gives rise to the misconception that all Arietids are earthgrazers. Which is technically impossible.

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