Man finds giant bald-faced hornet nest in front of his window after holidays


This guy from Akron, Ohio was on holidays all summer, but when he came back, he had a good reason to be terrified.

He was woken up by taps from bald-faced hornets flying into the glass. And then found a monster nest just outside his window.

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Kenn Wingle

The bad thing is bald-faced hornets are known for being particularly aggressive at the end of August as they’re protecting eggs laid by the queen.

As reported on Reddit:

This is the BIGGEST hornet NEST I have ever seen in person, unfortunately it’s attached to my awning!

Should he burn down his house? Well he prefers to wait for the cold winter. This way, after freeze will have killed the hornets, he will cut the nest to check inside.

I think he should continue not being home for the rest of the summer.

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