Mysterious chunk of ice falls through roof in Modesto, California during heavy drought


Is ice now flying? This is what we may think after a ball of ice has destroyed a house’s roof in California.

Yes, a large chunk of ice has fallen from the sky creating a large hole in a Californian home’s roof… And that on a 100-degree summer day. A real mystery in Modesto.

The family was in living room, when a big chunk of ice, roaring as it fell, crashed onto a house in Modesto, California on September 9, 2015. Such a weird phenomenon actually happened in Chicago this winter. The cryometeor fall sounded like an explosion.

And this happened in Modesto, California while the State is experiencing one of the craziest drought in its history.

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A piece of the mysterious chunk of ice that fell on a house in Modesto. Photo: Video

So what about a large megacryometeors? These are largely unexplained chunks of ice falling from seemingly clear blue skies. Or a piece of ice a plane somehow dropped onto the home?

The mystery of the chunk of ice falling from the sky hasn’t been elucidaded yet…

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