Mysterious strange sounds from the sky baffle residents of San Salvador


New recordings of the mysterious strange sounds from the sky have emerged from San Salvador on January 24, 2016.

Thousands of mystified people were trying determine the source of these strange noises similar to an aircraft engine, near the hill of San Jacinto.

strange sounds san salvador, strange sounds san salvador, Mysterious strange sounds from the sky in San Salvador, san salvador strange noise, strange sounds in the sky san salvador, new strange sounds from the sky, new weird noise, strange sounds january 2016, New mysterious strange sounds from the sky have been recorded in San Salvador on January 23, 2016. But the source of the weird noise remains unexplained.

The noise was heard over a prolonged period of more than three hours during the early hours of Sunday around the hill of San Jacinto, in the capital city of San Salvador.

WP_20160124_003.mp4Las 4 de ka madrugada hace dos horas se escuchan estos ruidos en el cielo de san Jacinto no hay viento no hay nada en el cielo.. Ruidos similares han sido escuchados alrededor de todo el mundo

Posted by Stephannie Zaldaña on Sunday, January 24, 2016

Officials have no clues about the possible origin of these strange noises from the sky.

WP_20160124_005.mp4Ruidos en el cielo mas fuertes cada vez … San Jacinto alguien tiene alguna explicación?? Año lejos se escuchan como ecos de voces. Sea lo que sea hagamos una oración pidiendo misericordia.

Posted by Stephannie Zaldaña on Sunday, January 24, 2016

The weird sound was reported very similar to that of planes taking off, but no planes were present. The noise wasn’t constant but got louder and then suddenly weaker.

The source of this noise is still unexplained. But this is not from wind, from cars and from airplanes.

Could it be the trumpets of the apocalypse?

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