There is so much snow in Kazakhstan that cows go through a tunnel to reach their fields


Kazakhstan has been hit by heavy snowfall this year.

The snowdrifts are so high that cows have to go through a tunnel to get to their fields.

As shown in a previous post, parts of Kazakhstan are experiencing incredible snowfalls with residents having to go through snow tunnels to enter their homes.

As shown in the video above, snow hasn’t melted yet, and herders have to find new ways to bring their cows in the field. One of these is to build snow tunnels, big enough to enable a cow go through.

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Snowfall is so large in Kazakhstan that cows have to go through snow tunnels to reach their fields. via Facebook video

With warmer weather coming, people in the regions of eastern Kazakhstan and Burkutty Karaganda fear apocalyptical floods. They remember that back in 2014, four people died in the village of Kokpekty. Although officials are optimistic, they recognize that there is much more snow this year than in 2014 during the deadly flooding.

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