Strange sounds from the sky of Sweden recorded on video on March 8, 2017


They are back!

Listen to this record of strange sounds in the sky of Sweden recorded on video on March 8, 2017.

Creepy phenomenon.

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  1. Could this be sounds coming to us from the far reaches of the galaxy? Something that happened thousands of years ago and the sound is just now getting to us? They say that the stars that we see now are form the past. Could that be possible?

  2. Trimming of the scalar electromagnetic warfare system, Russians had this since the sixties look for the woodpecker radar DUGA in Ukraine, now commissioned, but smaller possible underground units developed since then, will shut off any and all electronics at will. Good luck now for provoking russia.

    Woodpecker radar scalar antenna

  3. We heard the same thing in Wisconsin, USA. It was at night 10 pm and went on for about 3 minutes. Paused for a bit then again for about 2 min. I recorded it on the phone. Sounded like waves of grinding metal or train carts being dragged like a long break. Weird stuff.

  4. Les Entités “STARS” dirigeant les affaires de ce monde sont aussi piégées dans cette expérience essaient de faire péter le Dôme les maintenant prisonniers de cette PLATerre avec des sons modulés car la fin des temps est et que les éléments montent en pression continuelle.

  5. Fake. Like usual. Take odd sounds from other sources or make them up on a synthesizer. Then film the sky back and forth with ominous clouds, even better. Then play the noise track at the same time. Instant “mystery” and fifteen minutes of fame. Fake, fake, phony, phony, fake.

  6. These same sounds were heard in North central WV 4 years ago while on a hunting day in October. I don’t know what they were but all Game movement Birds Animals exct. Stopped. Things got very quiet for about a hr. or so.

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