Anomalous weather in Argentina: Bariloche reports coldest temperature in its history and heaviest snowfall since 1995


Extreme cold: Bariloche in Argentina recorded the lowest temperature in its history on July 16th at 4:22am.

According to the National Weather Service, the new minimum mark of -25.4°C delayed flights, and stranded hundreds of tourists.

Snow and extreme cold in Bariloche, Argentina. via Infobae

At first it was thought that the worst snowfall in the last 20 years would be enough for Bariloche. But then came the record cold: -25.4°C and new historical lowest temperature for the city.

Strongest snowfall in Patagonia, Argentina. via Infobae

The new mark was set at 4:22 am on Sunday, July 16, 2017, breaking the 54-year record registered on June 30, 1963.

The anomalous weather has spread to the main cities of Patagonia with widespread power cuts, canceled flights, causing real chaos and isolating southern Argentina from the rest of the country and a quiet winter.

airport closed in ariloche due to extreme snowfall and record-low temperatures. via Infobae

Before the cold, San Carlos de Bariloche was also heavily hit by a strong snowstorm that cut power for more than 16,000 users and close Route 237 and Route 40 for much of the day.

Record snow and cold in Patagonia, Argentina. via Infobae

According to officials, this snowstorm was exceptional, similar to that of 1995. There are a lot of fallen trees, which destroyed the slopes causing the entire poles to fall.

Widespread chaos in Bariloche and other cities in Patagonia, Argentina due to snow and cold. via Infobae

During Saturday, 20 flights were canceled from Buenos Aires to Bariloche and three others to Chapelco, in San Martin de Los Andes.

Stranded airplane at Bariloche airport. Thousands of flyers stranded. via Infobae

There were practically 36 hours without flights and it made a lot of tourists nervous, especially those who want to return. In turn, more than 2,500 passengers were stranded in Bariloche and could not return to their homes.

On July 16, 2017, 330,000 lose power in Santiago de Chile FIRST snowfall in 20 years. There are also weird wave anomalies coming from Antarctica. Are they testing some new weather controlling devices?

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