Oceans in Opposition: Giant Pacific waves crash in Chile while another historical Atlantic Ocean receding is reported in Brazil (videos)


Something really strange is currently happening on the two coasts of South America.

It seems that Oceans are in opposition. While giant Pacific waves crash on coastal Chile, another historical Atlantic Ocean receding is reported in Caraguatatuba, Brazil.

One day ago, I reported about unprecedented Atlantic Ocean receding along coastal Brazil and Uruguay.

Well it seems that this water disappearance hasn’t found an end now. On August 13, 2017, the same phenomenon was observed in the city of Caraguatatuba, Brazil:

Again the beaches and port of the city are like dried out. There is no water and that for miles around.

Meanwhile, on the Atlantic coast 5 meters high waves crash on beaches

While the Atlantic Ocean recedes dramatically, huge waves have started crashing along the Pacific coast of Chile on August 9, 2017.

huge waves batter the Chilean Pacific coast while water recedes along the atlantic coast of Brazil and Uruguay in August 2017
huge waves batter the Chilean Pacific coast while water recedes along the atlantic coast of Brazil and Uruguay in August 2017. via Ahora Noticia
huge waves batter the Chilean Pacific coast while water recedes along the atlantic coast of Brazil and Uruguay in August 2017
Coastal flooding in Vina del Mare after huge surge hit the city on August 10, 2017. via Ahora Noticia
huge waves batter the Chilean Pacific coast while water recedes along the atlantic coast of Brazil and Uruguay in August 2017
Is the water receding of the Atlantic Ocean linked to the giant swell of the Pacific Ocean? via SoyChile

According to Chilean news network, these huge waves forecast until August 13, 2017, a few days after the first ocean water disappearance was observed along the Brazilian and Uruguayan Atlantic coast:

Are both strange ocean phenomena linked together? Could it be a sign of poleshift?

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  1. I have not heard any booms in Dallas but I am very familiar with Sonic booms. We heard quite a few in the 60’s before they regulated it. It sounds like people are hearing sonic booms which can be caused by air craft and space craft such as the resupply vessels for the ISS which enter the atmosphere at supersonic speeds. But these can also be caused by meteors entering the atmosphere and the videos I have seen on youtube for the 2018 Strange events from Last Message are what look like space junk re-entering the atmosphere at supersonic speeds. I’ve seen quite a few re-entries of space junk and skylab and these videos are exactly what they look like. Both my parents worked for Boeing a long time ago, but I’m used to hearing sonic booms and seeing space junk. These videos are showing a lot of space junk coming down. Especially over Russia and near India. I also heard and saw the explosion of the space shuttle Columbia above my house before it crashed near Nacogdoches. People are mistaking these pieces of space junk coming down as supersonic speeds for meteors. Space junk has a distinct look but most people are too young to recognize the difference. We also have Space X, ESA, NASA, SOHO, RSA, Japan, China and the secret military space programs who are constantly shooting rockets into space to test them or to deliver supplies or launch satellites. There are also EBE’s entering the atmosphere on a regular basis to refill their water tanks with Fresh water from Lake Michigan to resupply their underground facilities on the moon with water and plants and whatever else they need. Their ships also cause sonic booms. They had tried to avoid them because it draws too much attention, but we and the Russians are famous for shooting them down with reverse engineered particle beams so we can collect their ships for technology. That was what the Star Wars program was all about.

    Also, in the past 15 months, the earth has been shifting on its axis more and more, creating tsunamis and quakes. Quakes cannot cause water to recede from the beaches. They can only push water over a limited distance and limited height. When the area between Africa and SE Asia shifted north in 2004, the sea water didn’t shift with it so it backed up toward the south and the planet shifted north. When the shifting stopped, the waves surged forward in a powerful tsunami. The speed of the shift and the abruptness of the stop dictates how powerful the tsunami’s are. The quakes are also caused by the abnormal planetary motion as is the position of the sun and moon. The planet is shifting more because the ice at the antarctic (south pole) is melting. It acts as a gyroscopic anchor to maintain the axis tilt. The more the ice melts, the more the planet shifts. This had caused our sun to be too far north during the summer and too far south during the winter. Hence, hot summers and bitter cold winters. The ozone holes have allowed the UV rays into our atmosphere. The ice and snow had reflected the UV back into space but with the shifting thousands of miles from its normal tilt, the Ozone holes are over land or sea where it has no snow or ice to reflect so we are baked like a microwave and heatwaves had occurred with temperatures over 106F on the arctic circle, Canada, UK, Japan and Los Angeles. While the region which suffered from these inertia tsunami’s shifted north, the US and Canada shifted south so we see the sun too far north in June. Farther north than the arctic circle. For the first time this past year, the sun did not begin to return to the south after the summer solstice on June 21st. It continued to go farther north into July and caused these heatwaves as the Ozone holes have also contributed to. These constant tsunamis every month tell us it has gotten much worse and we may have shifted onto our side. We can’t flip upside down because there is not enough land mass weight at the north pole. We would not be able to realize the difference because the Spring and Fall equinoxes would look the same even horizontally like Uranus. But it would cause the moon to place horrific gravitational stresses causing massive quakes and volcanic eruptions. 40 new eruptions just this past month. The animals have gone insane. Whales, dolphins, manatees, fish, starfish & turtles have been beaching themselves by the thousands and dying. Birds and insects are dying by the millions. When the earth shifts so do the pools, ponds, rivers and lakes… all by the inertia of the movement. This may also be affecting the space junk and causing it to rain down upon us. This is also affecting the weather with violent hailstorms and snow in the tropics plus massive floods, storms, etc.
    To see how this works, just take a long rectangular pan with a couple inches of water and pull it quickly across a level sidewalk and see how the inertia pulls the water to the back. Then stop suddenly and see how the water surges forward. This is how it works. There is no such thing as a barometric pressure change tsunami. Anyone who says that is a quack. It is the shifting of the earth which could even be seen in puddles of water. Indonesia is on a very unstable tectonic plate so it is very sensitive to these axis shifts which are causing the quakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions as well as the bizarre weather, new geysers and animal beachings and deaths. To confirm this for yourself, if you live in the northern hemisphere, on June 21st look out your door at sunrise and sunset when the sun is touching the horizon and see where the sun is located. The sun should never be farther north than the tropic of Cancer which is located mid Mexico. You can also use a plumb pole at noon standard time to check the direction of the shadow.
    If you live in the southern hemisphere, look out your door on December 21st. Your sun should never be south of the Tropic of Capricorn up by Uruguay. Everything should be the mirror image of the north. The Spring and Fall equinoxes will always be centered at the equator, so everything will look normal during those seasons. You will have to wait for your summer solstice to check the position of the sun. We will all have boiling hot Summers and bitter cold winters and catastrophic weather, depending on your locations. When I saw the 2018 youtube videos of the strange year events on a monthly basis, I could see my 2020 estimate of global catastrophes was accurate.
    The massive beachings and dead animals are the most disconcerting. Jim Berkland felt the behavior of animals was our best indicator of impending catastrophes. Although, just to be sure, I would also check those whales and dolphins for radiation with my Geiger counters if I could. But these are occurring in multiple oceans all over the world. He also used new Geyser behavior such as the recent activity of the Yellowstone Steamboat Geyser plus new mud volcanoes around the world and Maars in Australia and sinkholes swallowing lakes and rivers. Flash floods everywhere. I recommend those 13 videos of 2018 strange year videos.
    I used to live fairly close to where Jim Berkland gave his amazingly accurate predictions. He was right most of the time. Even though California was not hit by a massive quake he predicted on March 19, 2011… He was only 7 days (Int’l Date line) from the horrendous Japan Quake and tsunami which occurred on Mar 11, 2011. Since he didn’t read Japanese, he didn’t have the benefit of seeing their pet behavior. He was very close. Our poor excuse for a scientific community quacks hounded and persecuted Berkland who was just trying to save lives. The gov’t used their hirelings and minions to hound and discredit him. They claimed they were concerned about panic. What they were really concerned about were their pocketbooks, stock market and economy income. They don’t care about people and don’t want anyone telling them the truth. Be sure to check the sun location on the summer solstice at sunrise and sunset and verify for yourself. Don’t take anyone’s word for it and don’t believe those hoax websites the gov’t hirelings set up about pole shifts and planet flips and grand solar minimums. Those are only for the purpose of diverting and confusing the public. If someone is under attack like they did to Berkland and Lazar… those are the people we should listen to when the gov’t is planting hirelings to shout down and discredit them. It is too bad Berkland died. We could really use him now.
    The Hum people are hearing underground and the cause of some of the subsidences are from the TBMs tunnel boring machines the gov’t is using to connect all the USAF and 131+ facilities and the major metro underground cities and Former presidents to the tunnel system for their maglev trains as well as their Denver shelter among others. They are turning the country into swiss cheese with these TBMs as are most of the other G20 countries. Depending on the location and the types of soil and rock strata, the humming sounds are usually caused by these tunneling machines… plus the alternate routes in case of a cave in. Back in the 70’s, there was a Taos Hum which is where the turntable is and repair center as far as I know. This was before the Mag-Lev trains so the old trains were much noisier and Taos had multiple connections to LANL, A51, Norad, Peterson and Groom Lake. It is much more extensive now and they are in such a rush that they are causing subsidences worldwide with their TBMs as the planet tears itself apart. But the trains are quieter and faster now. You used to be able to track the tunneling on Google earth by progressive date low level quakes below 3.9 and above 2.0. They used fracking as an excuse to cover their work. But GE has removed the seismic icons and the volcanic icons as well. I guess I told too many people how to do that.

    I have the axis change websites and have been tracking these issues of the earth shifting since 2005. I was an engineer for 34 years and a research Scientist for 25 years overlapping the two and an executive & Sr management for 15 years… overlapping. I graduated early and began my career when I was very very young, so my career expertise is not age related. I have been measuring and following the axis shift issue since 2005. I was treated much like Berkland but now some scientists are agreeing with the issue… the only problem is they have been stealing credit and info from my sites… including NASA. In fact, we all had better hope NASA and JPL don’t carry out their plan to drill into Yellowstone and force water into the volcanic hotspot. Especially not for 3.6 Billion which is an absurd amount by a quack which will most likely get us all killed.

  2. There is no pole shift. All you have to do is look at a compass. If it points to the north, the magnetic poles are where they are supposed to be.
    This is an axis shift where the tilt of the earth has changed. The northern hemisphere can see the sun too far to the north in June and for the first time, it was even farther north in July 2017 & 2018 than it was in June. Those in Canada, UK & Scandinavia reported the sun to the north when it should never be farther north than the tropic of Cancer in mid Mexico on June 21st the summer solstice & longest day. The axis position is verified every year since 2004 by global reports, measurements, photos, star configurations, etc. When the axis shifted, the abnormal planetary movement caused these tsunamis they are calling Oceans in Opposition, hoping we wont notice if they hide these events under new names. Planetary motion causes tsunamis & Oceans in Opposition. Not quakes. Quakes are a result of the shift, not the cause. The shift causes the tectonic plates to slide into adjacent plates. However, the quake vibrations travel faster than the ocean waves so the quake is detected first even though it was secondary.
    Also, the shift moved us under the ozone holes which had been above the polar regions where the snow & ice reflected the UV rays into space. But our new shifted seasonal position in June & July places us under the ozone hole without any snow or ice to reflect the UV rays, hence the heat waves, crop damage, severe burns, etc., are a result of the UV rays roasting us alive. As the seasons change, we are moving away from the ozone hole, hence the cooler weather until next summer which will be even hotter. In the case of these oceans in Opposition behavior in South America Aug 2017, it was caused by the motion of a major axis shift as also occurred in Dec 26, 2004 (Indonesia) and Mar 11, 2011 in Japan.
    But the gov’ts, universities, Nasa, NOAA, NWS & weather experts under pressure & threats of the US will not reveal this to the public & send paid hirelings onto blogs to shout down anyone who dares to tell the truth. Then they spread false explanations to divert the public & keep them oblivious, happy & shopping & paying taxes to maintain the economy while they have fancy shelters under Denver, stocked with stolen Fema donations while the public is left to perish under Martial Law with Fema in charge. Remember Katrina?

  3. The South American plate is spinning. Its been slowly receding from Africa for millions of years, but as the north half is more massive it started to spin. The plate must have recently his a “slippery” spot (relative to the areas around it) and moved a few inches..or even feet as the plate rotated. This moved it “away” from the Atlantic-causing the receding water from beaches, and “towards” the Pacific- causing wave swells. The pivot point would be at the northern end of the plate and would send shock waves north into Mexico. Hence the earthquakes there. California and Texas should also expect tremors. Once things have stabilized the water should return. However, since millions of tons of land and millions of gallons of water have just been spun out of the norm, a return to norm isn’t an overnight event.

  4. There is now ABSOLUTE PROOF a physical Pole Shift of Earth occurred 2015 – 2016. This is shown from NASA space video/visual released by NASA covering that period. “A picture is worth a thousand words” as the saying goes. There is a 6 minute 37 second documentary on YOUTUBE demonstrating/showing this using the NASA footage. No room for argument after seeing that it seems. Here is how to find it: 1. Go to YOUTUBE. 2. Search using “Marc The Arcturian”. 3. Look up his video entitled “POLAR SHIFT OF THE EARTH CAUGHT ON FILM! STRANGE & SPOOKY”. In addition the Inuit people of the Arctic have said in previous warning that can be found on YOUTUBE and elsewhere that there also was a physical Pole Shift of Earth in 2004. Their “Sky had changed” they also said. They rely on this information for their very survival. A farmer in Michigan on YOUTUBE showed how he had to reposition solar panels in his field due to the Sun being positioned differently the past two years. Various people in the US show on YOUTUBE how the Sun now sets in the North West instead of the West giving before and after locations. In light of all this it seems “All Bets are Off” in being able to tell for sure Earth’s current/future reaction to these events and resulting climate. There are too many variables and unknowns for us to say what/where/when. Severe ocean activity as mentioned in this article is a very likely consequence though. There is also the question of WHAT caused these physical Pole Shifts and WHEN/IF they might occur again. “There are no Atheists in a Foxhole” as the saying goes and it looks like that is what many if not all are in now.

    • I think She’s refering to Nibiru. Strange that this is the only article I could find on this subject, no major media coverage? sketchy business

      • Completely agree. I had to dig to get full report on this situation. Not to mention if you go on the Noah bouy reports the bouys that report the wave height and speeds in the ocean are have been down and only showing past wave reports. Seems they shut the viewing off on purpose.

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