December weather in August: Unusual snow and cold snap engulfs BC and Alberta in Canada and unseasonal snow falls in Glacier National Park, Montana


Unusual weather again! Last weekend, a cold snap engulfed central Europe bringing in some places more than 40cm (17.5 inches) of snow overnight. But it seems Italy, Germany, Austria and Slovenia weren’t the only countries freezing around the globe. The National Weather Service office in Missoula has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for elevations above 6,000 feet in Glacier National Park. Meanwhile, snowfalls were reported in BC and Alberta, while Ontario and Quebec brace for a new heat wave in Canada.

Snow in Glacier National Park while the Howe Ridge fire keeps burning

While the Howe Ridge fire keeps burning on the west side of Glacier National Park near Lake McDonald, Mother Nature is busy adding some touches of white elsewhere.

snow glacier national park august 2018, snow glacier national park august 27 2018
Snow falling at Glacier National Park on August 27, 2018. via KPax

The National Weather Service office in Missoula has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for elevations above 6,000 feet in Glacier National Park as well as for the Whitefish and Flathead Mountain ranges in Northwest Montana. Areas above 7,000 feet could see around 1″-to-3″ of snow with locally heavier amounts possible. – KPax

Unseasonal snow in Western Canada while East brace for new heat wave

In some parts of Canada, the end of summer vacation is bringing some of the hottest temperatures of the year, while in other areas, it’s bringing weather more typically experienced in December than during the last week of August.

snow alberta, snow canmore, snow bc alberta august 2018
WOAH!! Look at the snow falling now Highway 1 between Canmore and Calgary on August 27, 2018. via Twitter

Some B.C. communities saw temperatures dip near or below the freezing mark Monday morning. A temperature of -1.5 C was recorded at Burns Lake at 5 a.m. One hour later, the temperature in Prince George dipped to 0 C. Snow fell in Canmore, Banff and other Alberta mountain communities on Monday, Aug. 27, 2018.

The cold snap marked Prince George’s second unusual weather phenomenon in eight days, following the ash-filled skies that had shrouded the city from the sun as smoke from some of the province’s hundreds of active wildfires drifted over the region.

It was a very different story in Eastern Canada, where heat warnings were in place for most of southern Ontario and parts of southern Quebec, with daily highs at or above 30 C through Wednesday. – CTV News

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  1. And these things will not be altered on purpose? (Modification of Atmospheric Climate).
    First were the earthquakes. A few weeks ago some tremendous heat.
    And now, the temperature drop until it began to snow in those areas.
    These atmospheric changes of weather so fast, give think that there is
    the possibility of an strong alteration in the atmosphere in those areas.

  2. The sun’s rays are being blocked in the uppermost layers of the stratosphere. Wildfires and volcanic activity cause global cooling, not warming. Reference the Year Without A Summer of 1815 across Europe, during the Little Ice Age

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