Spooky video shows GHOSTLY figure moving in back garden in Lincolnshire

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The ghost (ringed) was spotted in security camera footage after mum Amanda Papadopoulos received a notification on her phone that there had been ‘activity’ outside her home. via Youtube video

A terrified family have captured creepy footage of what they believe to be a ghost running in the back garden of their home.

Mum-of-two Amanda Papadopoulos, 39, is certain she has spotted a specter on security footage outside their new home, which used to be a Victorian school.

Spine-tingling video show the night-time wanderings of a pale ‘child ghost’ on the grass of Mrs Papadopoulos’ garden in Eagle, Lincolnshire.

The object, which appears to have feet, is seen darting across the lawn, and appears to be almost see-through. It paces up and down the garden and then across what appears to be a shed. The shape then suddenly fades, only to reappear at the back door of the house, standing right up against the door before vanishing from sight.

It is believed the object was on video in the garden for approximately two hours, starting at 11.30pm.

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