Look At The Cat… Did You See The Ghost?

On August 8, 2019 at 12:54am a security camera picked up a strange visitor walking through the kitchen.

Some claim it’s a little boy and his pet. I don’t know for sure

The strange piece of footage captured by a home security system in a Long Island residence.

In the video, a fairly distinct ‘form’ that resembles a child can be seen seemingly entering the room and sitting down on the floor.

Meanwhile, the video uploader is digging into the house’s history to see if there’s any significance with the date of the occurrence.

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A curious piece of footage captured by a home security system in a Long Island residence features a strange anomaly that some viewers believe is the apparition of a child. Picture via Youtube video

Well as you may have observed it, the cat in the video doesn’t move or even seem to notice anything out of the ordinary, which raises the question whether or not animals can see ghosts.

Now let me know what you think.

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