Storm Gareth: 2,000-mile wide ‘WEATHER BOMB’ engulfs Britain with 80mph winds


A 2,000-mile wide ‘weather bomb’ swept into Britain with 80mph winds today as Storm Gareth threatened to postpone Ladies’ Day at the Cheltenham Festival tomorrow. Meanwhile another BOMBOGENESIS is hitting Colorado RIGHT NOW!

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Storm Gareth: A 2,000-mile wide ‘weather bomb’ swept into Britain with 80mph winds on March 12, 2019. Twitter

A ‘danger to life’ warning from flying debris and waves was issued by forecasters who said Gareth – which covers a huge area from Iceland to Spain – will bring the worst period of weather since the 2018 Beast from the East.

The RAC said it was ‘Black Wednesday’ for travel thanks to dangers from fallen trees, debris and floods, plus traffic jams from more accidents and road closures – with 31,000 roadside call-outs expected across the UK tomorrow.

Wild at sea during this Bombogenesis:

Warnings for high winds over England, Wales, Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland began at midday today and will run until 3pm tomorrow. The Scottish islands were hit first before the severe gusts spread across England.

Environment Agency staff worked through the night into today in Cumbria and Lancashire to monitor rain and river levels, with the Met Office expecting up to 2.4in (60mm) of rain over higher ground in the North West.

Just to remember… Another ‘BOMB CYCLONE’ is hitting the region of Denver, Colorado RIGHT NOW!

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