Let’s talk about WEATHER CHAOS: Winter 2019 smashes record after record


Record snow, record wind, record rain! Winter 2019 smashes record after record and goes out-of-control while officials try to control / engineer it.

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Don’t slam the door! Lots of snow on this house in the Japanese Alps on Honshu Island. Picture via SnowBrains

In Northern America

And around the world:

Winds across our Earth have shifted:

That’s shocking… All these WEATHER RECORDS are very DISTURBING!

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  1. Calamities all around me and in my life at a rate I have never seen before in my 60 years of life. I believe Jesus is coming soon, very soon. My world and the world around me is collapsing and I am repenting like I never have done before. Jesus is the way the truth the life.

  2. The Bible tells us in the last days there will be strange weather patterns and other events. Jesus told us that no man knows the day or the hour but you will know the time. We are in that time period. All the signs are here. Throughout history there has been events here and there but never before all at the same time. If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Savior……you need to open your Bible to the book of John and read the 1st Chapter. It is the basic gospel message, simple, easy to understand. Take notice where it says” he came unto his own but his own received him not, BUT THOSE THAT DID RECEIVE HIM TO THEM GAVE HE POWER TO BECOME THE CHILDREN OF GOD…EVEN TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN HIS NAME” Repent of your wrong doing and ask tell Jesus you believe in him, he is the only way that God has provided for salvation. He is the one and only one that can save us from our sins.

  3. I have never before in my life seen so much snow and felt such really cold air in this global warming situation we have going on now. Geez, better dim that damn sun boys. Btw, go to hell.

    • Thanks Dan, none of these jackasses seems to have a clue. There is virtually no natural weather left on Earth. And I’ll debate anyone, anywhere, anytime that thinks contrarily. The ignorance of humanity, give ’em another damn gadget and they’re the equivalent of monkey’s watching magic tricks.

  4. all mild harbinger judgments. God is warning the world, especially the USA, to repent. Funny how only the wise Christian can understand this, and they have already repented. Worldly people will always find a way of escape & blame it on climate change. The recent earthquakes & volcanic eruptions are harbingers also. Try & blame those events on climate change, unrepentant worldly people!

  5. Weather droma winter has came back like it was when I was a young man..oct to march.was always cold and snow..lol

  6. Solar Minimum = Ice Age, Weather Modification Warfare = Food Crop Reduction & Starvation – Who needs “Global Warming”?

  7. the news jerks are telling us how bad the weather is but then, what the hell are they doing out there and do thin they are immune because they are fake news dopes as if we people never seen before i mean these fools make me sick

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