This church looks like a giant penis from the sky


Sometimes, weird architecture can be spotted from God’s eye view!

For example, the Christian Science Society in Dixon, Illinois, has constructed a church that lookslike a giant phallus, complete with balls and bushy pubes.

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The gathering place looks like any old non-penile structure when looked up front.

church looks like penis, church looks like penis picture, church looks like penis video
This church looks like a giant penis from above. Picture via Facebook

But from God’s eye view things get a whole lot less pious.

church looks like penis, church looks like penis picture, church looks like penis video
This Illinois church looks like a giant penis when viewed from on high. Picture via Tumblr

This congregation will probably have to rethink its slogan “Rising Up! “

A huge penis has also been spotted on Goggle Earth on school roofs in Switzerland.

[Tumblr, Facebook]

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  1. You don’t have to go to church to be religious. Fact is many churches have been infiltrated by heathens, sodomites, and satanists. The objective is to ruin the church from within.

    I have always preferred to read the Gospel at home. Seems like when I have gone to different churches, some weirdo chats at me, or make an attempt some banal conversation. Sermons have been nebulous and uncontroversial. In fact, dull.

  2. Well I’m not surprised at the church. The church is just as sick as the people on the outside of the churches but not to worry God will burn it down soon

  3. This is a very sick world! How dare man slander God by building a church looking like a man’s private parts, how much more sick can this world get! We r definitely in end times!

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