Terrifying fly-apocalypse engulfs village in Russia


A terrifying fly apocalypse currently hits two villages in Russia’s Sverdlovsk region.

Piles of dead and near-dead flies cover floors, tables and other surfaces in villagers’ homes. Meanwhile, outdoors, seething swarms of flies gather on roads, yards and fields.

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Terrifying fly apocalypse engulfs a village in Russia (video). Picture via video below

An apocalyptic footage recently released reveals unsettling views from the village of Lazorevy in Russia: Piles of dead and near-dead flies cover floors, tables and other surfaces in villagers’ homes. Meanwhile, outdoors, seething swarms of flies gather on roads, yards and fields.

Residents of Lazorevy told Channel One that the origins of the “plague” could be traced to a local farmer, who purportedly spread his fields with tons of fertilizer made from chicken droppings. The feces, which came from a nearby poultry farm, may have contained millions of fly eggs.

In one terrifying scene, a reporter tosses a handful of soil into a crawling fly mass on a dirt path; he then cringes as a cloud of flies erupts into the air to form a buzzing tsunami of insect bodies.

One local resident, seen in the video sweeping up dead flies from the floor of his house, said that every day he would sweep up enough tiny corpses to fill at least half a bucket.

It’s unbearable. The flies are everywhere,” said another resident.

Dense clouds of flies first appeared in Lazorevy weeks ago. Since then, villagers and local authorities have turned to pesticides to control the airborne invaders, but since flies breed so quickly, the toxic sprays provided only a brief respite from the insects before their numbers swelled yet again.

Suddenly acquiring millions upon millions of flying-insect neighbors is understandably horrifying, but it also carries a threat from the diseases that flies are known to carry. Villagers are also concerned that widespread and prolonged use of chemicals to kill the flies could harm human health.

Authorities have opened a criminal investigation to determine if illegal use of hazardous waste could have triggered the swarms. Yet the farmer insists that he is not responsible for the flies, claiming that “flies have existed for millions of years and they are everywhere.”

WOW! Next time this farmer in Russia’s Sverdlovsk region will think twice before allegedly fertilizing his field with chicken poo and unwittingly unleashing a fly-pocalypse. Bad luck!

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  1. I guess a trial effort would then be to bury the chicken poo for a duration that would eradicate the larva during its life span. Other methods of refuse could then be similarly implemented. Attractants to flies is a “White colored” plate or troughs with a thin layer of soapy sugar water. They drink the water and the soap in it kills them. Drain the water, trash the flies, and repeat. Enough of these white devices out where they flies can gather could round up the flies over time and get them to more manageable levels.

  2. When you go to the low vibration places, you can find so many flies all over. When I went to Romania, there were so many flies all over. In my room, if windows was open, hundreds of flies entering a room. Low vibration people attract low vibration insects. This is the Law of Attraction.

    • Hi,
      good to see you .

      It’s partially true, but on the area what you mentioned the people(mostly because of low vibration) are have a lifestyle which also attract flies. left rotten things on the table, meat and bones on the ground, dogs and other household animals are stinky, etc.
      but also the west romania, which is not romania in real, only a trap and cheat of political crueless, they get as a gift a huge part of the neighboour country. from the country which had the chance to bring salvation on this world. that is why that happened 100 y ago !!
      the people in that small area, what called transylvania, belonged to a mother country.
      this mothercountry was teared apart for reason! they are brute with the natives everywhere and extinct them. what do you think ?

      So the people there were full of love and respect for the nature. they will gone as others will gone as well.

      • Divide and Conquer scheme

        In Romania, of course, some people are nice. But generally, the majority of them are typical Latin with impatience.

        More than 10 years ago, we purchased a small house in Fall City, Washington. The previous owner were Jewish couple. Hundreds of flies came out of a small hole of window sill. I was wondering what was under that window sill. There may had been some dead bodies?

    • I hope not dead bodies, but could be any rotten animal as well .
      but i would not be surprised on anything at all.. ..probably.
      or if it was a hot spring at that time, that could bring a rapid increase in flies and insects.
      yes the barbarian romanians are impatience morons. but the earlier locals on the present west romania are not romanians. thats the point.
      they were invaded andforced under an idiot society and bloodthirsty low iq community for a 100 years now.
      the whole part of europe is in depression.
      controlled anxious days all the time.
      that area could have brought serious changes today .

      now its ndot needed to be sad because of this anymore, just something ehat people dont know in the world.
      but let us confortavle in the new future, what we cannot snake over.

      What about Salusa?
      Do he really talking toyou? with his voice ? and dont say any useful about those rats running around and cause suffer for people?
      okay, basically i know the answer on these whys, but still. lets say it’s a poetic question.

      good night

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