Terrifying video of mysterious booms, explosions and lights in Indianapolis, USA


What the hell was going on in Indianapolis on January 7, 2013?

Like an unreported battle in the sky with loud explosions, booms and weird lights flying out of nowhere?

January 7 2013 – Indianapolis, USA. According to the uploader of this strange video, this series of mysterious booms rocked Indianapolis around 12:14 am on January 7, 2013.

Although some reported 3 booms, there are only two captured in the video. The recorder and his family did not catch the first on tape, but only heard it.

Following this first boom, the Youtube uploader grabbed his cellphone to record the ringing sirens outside. This is when he was able to catch the 2 last booms, which shook their home and was so hard it cracked a window.

This video is very freaky! It is one of the most compelling video I have ever seen that tells us there is something going on and we are not being told. Terrifying!

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  1. Indianapolis resident. North East Side of the City.. Hell we have explosions and booms every night. And its not the air traffic routes coming out of the airport. They’re so loud and common it can wake you out of bed and set off car alarms. They’re so common people just ignore them. Maybe once or twice you might have local FD (Fire Department) roll threw your street looking for the cause. But they give up and drive back to the station.

    Nothing new around here.

  2. I KNOW its real Im in Indiana and have heard booms like that on more than one occasion. My whole family, this block, this town and surrounding counties have heard them.

  3. Early this afternoon ne Indy large like sonic boom, sounded like huge tree fell on the house. I called 911 and they had no reports so I told them probably just a tree as we live in wooded area. Short time later two police cars checking area.

  4. This is a fake!!! The video that the “booms” came from was not even taken in the U.S., it was taken in Russia somewhere. In the original video the emergency response vehicles that you hear are clearly seen as well as the extremely large fire in the distance that they are responding too. The flashing lights on all the fire trucks are BLUE! A color only used by police forces in America. This is the reason the camera is focused on some barely visible, probably faked, “lights” in the sky, instead of the extremely large number of emergency vehicles that can plainly be heard and what they are rushing toward. The sad part is that if that much effort was put into something fact based and true, the perpetrators of this hoax might be able to do something truly good and beneficial for a world that desperately needs such acts.

  5. My friends them are angelic beings u just saw on that video the real chariots of fire, im from indianapolis and i know that vid is real because i seen them with my own eyes//if u want to know more email me

  6. Around 3 weeks ago I heard 4 loud sonic boom sounds. 4th was so intense it shook the ground. I don’t bother to report things like that to the police. We have people shooting guns all the time here, etc…police only take a report and do nothing!!!!

  7. North Burb of Indy……Early this a.m. like at 1:15 I heard a noise and thought it was a jet taking off. It wasn’t. It kept resonating, lower pitch, would go a little higher, then wind down again.. I thought it was the wind, but the trees weren’t swaying enough with the sound I was hearing, and they weren’t really moving at all. This went on for like an hour and the first time I heard it, it made me feel kind of ill.

  8. JackXL1000 had a great catch mentioned in the comments of the youtube channel.

    youtube.com/watch?feature=play­­er_embedded&v=vc0_lFmBSDs at 2:17 of this video you can hear the origin of the explosion sound at the end of the ‘terrifying’ video. Down with the trolls.

  9. The final boom sounds like a sonic boom, which can break windows. I teach in a small village in South Korea and the ROK AF uses our airspace for practice strafing runs, so we get a lot of jet noise, and once we had a sonic boom. The only problem I have with it is that the jets in the video look too slow and close to one another to be producing sonic booms.

    However, even if it WAS a sonic boom, what were the initial (unheard on the video) and strange middle booms? What was the man filming that was changing colour? And, what were two fighter jets doing flying so fast and low at night, over a residential area, and what where they deployed for?

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