Scientists Turn Desert Into Oasis


Chinese scientists were able to transform a desertic area into a green oasis.

The new successful method could be used to fight desertification.

As desertification increases around the world, scientists try to tackle the problem. Now scientists in China have developped a paste, which, when added to the sand, retains water, nutrients and air, thus reversing the effects of desertification and enabling cultivation.

As reported by GB Times:

Chinese scientists have announced that they have successfully converted sand into fertile soil using a new method they believe could be used to reverse the effects of desertification.

The team, based in Chongqing Jiaotong University, have reportedly created a paste which, when added to sand, allows it to retain water, nutrients and air.

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Scientists turn desert into oasis and fertile soil. Picture via Youtube video

The method has already been used to transform a 1.6-hectare plot of land in Ulan Buh Desert in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region from desert to fertile land, harbouring rice, corn, tomatoes, watermelon and sunflowers.

According to the research team, which has been working on the project since 2013, the method costs between 22,500 yuan and 40,500 yuan (US$3,373 to US$6,071) per hectare.

Imagine parts of the Sahara desert becoming green again!

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