Bright Meteor Fireball Fools British Police


Police in England’s South West were called early Sunday about a possible collision between two planes.

But, it turns out, the “bright object breaking in half in the sky” was likely a meteor.

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Police launched a search for a reported plane collision. It turned out to be a meteor. Picture via Youtube

People alerted authorities about the glowing object over Yelverton, Devon, at around 6.25 a.m. Sunday.

One man reported a possible mid-air collision between two planes, with one catching fire and falling from the sky.” police said in a statement.

Officers directly launched a search of the area with assistance from the HM Coastguard helicopter as police were unable to categorically rule out the possibility of a plane crash.

Local airports confirmed the incident didn’t involve any aircraft and nobody was injured.

All services were stood down after no aircraft debris was seen and further sightings of a meteor shower were reported over the South West.

A group called the UK Meteor Network posted photos of the meteor on social media. A French association of amateur observers also captured images of the object from across the English Channel.

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