Canadian Gold Miner Attack in Burkina Fasso: More than 37 Dead and 60 Injured


A convoy of buses carrying employees and contractors of a Canadian gold mining firm and its military escort fell victim to an armed ambush in eastern Burkina Faso.

More than 37 dead and 60 injured!

Dozens killed & injured in attack on Canadian gold miner convoy in Burkina Faso
Dozens killed & injured in attack on Canadian gold miner convoy in Burkina Faso. Picture via Twitter

There is no danger to the mine itself at the moment, the company has said meanwhile.

The Canadian government has denounced the attack in the West African country.

It is still unclear if there are Canadian nationals among the victims. However, the mine responsible said there were “no reports” of Canadians hurt in the ambush.

This terror attack is the deadliest in five years of near-constant extremist violence in the country.

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  1. When African people stop slaughtering each other, burning each other to death, raping women and kids, abd stop the wholesale slaughter of white south African farmers’ THEN AND ONLY THEN, will I give one hoot about other nations taking their resources. There is a darn good reason that Africa is so BACKWARD, disgustingły violent and corrupt……it is all because of the long standing mentality and lack of ambition of African people. Was it not Aricans who kidnapped and sold their fellow countrymen into slavery to the slave traders? Yah, you bet……WE ARE TO BLAME FOR THEIR PROBLEMS…….NOT!

  2. Don’t we have enough Gold in Canada to mine? Why are Canadian companies robbing gold from poor African countries? They just should not continue with this imperialistic agenda of stealing resources from corrupt governments who don’t care about their people, except for lining their pockets with fiat money.

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