It’s So Hot in Australia Right Now That Animals Are Dropping Dead From Trees


Can you imagine surviving 50°C (122°F) without AC?

Well these animals just drop dead from trees!

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It’s so hot in Australia right now that animals drop dead from trees. Picture via Twitter

Last week, horses were buried in meters of snow in Iceland. And today, animals are dropping dead from trees in Australia due to unprecedented temperatures.

Yep, can you imagine nearly 50°C without AC? People have shared photos showing birds that have literally fallen out of the sky from heat exhaustion.

This pair of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos shown below dropped dead after the temperature reached 48.9 degrees Celcius.

Another user shared a picture of a frogmouth that apparently dropped dead on a footpath in Sydney.

Adult flying foxes aren’t dropping dead but real suffering from the scorching heat. But some of their pups do:

More than 300 bats have been rescued in two days. If heat continues a mass die-off could follow.

And koalas too:

How good is wildlife dying of heat stress?

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  1. Back in the 1970s we got “official” temperatures from Sky Harbor International Airport during the summers in the 118 degree range, while my backyard thermometer went into the low 120s. Record heat was recorded across the country in the 1930s (higher than today, that’s why their temperature charts start in the 60s) and back around 1910 as well.
    Propaganda, pure and simple. Medieval Warming Period (800 AD to 1250 AD) saw FORESTS in Greenland, along with Vineyards and grain crops. Barley was being grown in Norway so it wasn’t a “local” phenomenon. Not there now. OMG, the climate changed! lol Also, a four hundred foot ocean rise during the Younger Dryas – “natural”. A 2.84 mm rise per year now – “man-made”.
    The “climate” changes, no dispute. Changing only due to man’s activity is a fairy tale: termites produce more “greenhouse gasses” that mankind. Alert the Nobel Committee; the Orkin Man deserves a Prize!

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