Large Magnetic Anomaly Found Near Ancient Stone Circles in Scotland


Reasearchers have discovered a massive magnetic anomaly near one of the Outer Hebrides’ main stone circles.

They suggest that this is the result of a massive lighting strike or many smaller strikes.

magnetic anomaly stone circle scotland
Massive magnetic anomaly discovered near ancient stone circles in Scotland. Picture via CC0/Pixabay

The ancient stone circles were built thousands of years ago in what is now known as the Outer Hebrides.

These mysterious constructions have stunned researchers and history fans for decades.

Now, a huge magnetic anomaly has been discovered on one of the main stone circles, known as the Tursachan Chalanais, located on the Isle of Lewis.

The scientists suggest it is due to a massive lightning strike or smaller ones. But what if this enigmatic creation was just a protal to another dimension?

The magnetic abnormality was discovered while searching for ancient lost circles buried in grass in the area.

It was measured in a lone-standing stone facing the main Site XI, or Airigh na Beinne Bige.

The scientists write that such clear evidence for lightning strikes is extremely rare in the UK and the association with this stone circle is unlikely to be coincidental.

It is however unknown if the lightning at Site XI focused on a tree or rock which is no longer there, or the monument itself attracted strikes.

This again shows that the forces of nature were intimately linked with everyday life and beliefs of the early farming communities in Scotland.

Meanwhile, the researchers have managed to virtually recreate the stone circles and see what this area looked like 4,000 years ago. [mdpi, phys]

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  1. The circles were class rooms to teach about the flat shape of Eden. Back when we had a really close and honest relationship . Teach us again please. I apologize on behalf of those who won’t

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