Spanish Town Submerged in Meters of Sea Foam (Videos)


The massive storm cell Gloria that caused havoc across Spain this weekend has generated so much sea foam that it submerged parts of the Spanish town of Tossa de Mar in coastal Catalonia. In some places, meters of sea froth accumulated. Perfect conditions for a foam party!

In Tossa del Mar, residents toiled to sweep thick carpets of sea foam from the streets.

Footages show angry flurries blowing through the air and coating the walls of buildings to a height of several meters.

What is sea foam?

Created as rough seas churn disintegrating organic matter such as algae, sea foam is usually harmless to humans and typically indicates a productive offshore ecosystem.

You said rough?

But depending on the algae present, as bubbles within the foam pop they can release certain airborne toxins which can irritate eyes and lungs.

Although often naturally occurring, pollution from contaminants found in fossil fuel, sewage and detergents can also contribute to the creation of foam.

Meanwhile authorities in Tossa de Mar described the situation as unprecedented, but further informed that the foam did not pose an immediate threat to people.

Coming just months after Spain experienced deadly flooding in September, Storm Gloria wrought devastating consequences as it moved inland, killing at least 9 people and currently wreaking havoc in Southern France. Find similar headlines on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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