Trinidad Is Cracking Up: 6 New Mud Volcanoes Emerge in a Week


Six new mud volcanoes emerged from underground along Trinidad’s southwestern coast.

The new cones all appeared along the trace of the August 21st 2018 earthquake fault rupture which completely offset the roads along RE Trace.

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6 new mud volcanoes form and grow on Trinidad. Picture via Facebook

Meanwhile, samples have been collected for analysis and the new volcanic activity has been closely monitored.

His Facebook post was accompanied by the following words:

New mud volcanoes!!! At least 6 new mud volcano cones have appeared over last week in RE Trace, Los Iros.

The new cones all occur along the trace of the August 21st 2018 earthquake fault rupture which completely offset the roads along RE Trace.

According to specialists, the new mudflows have an oil sheen and release a strong odor of hydrocarbons.

Meanwhile news networks were able to film some of these new mud volcanoes:

Large earthquake source of new mud volcanism on Trinidad

On August 21, 2018, a M7.3 earthquake hit off the northern coast of Venezuela, that fractured and cracked the region where the new mud volcanoes are forming.

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M7.3 Venezuela earthquake crack up Trinidad on August 21, 2018. The location of the new mud volcanoes, Los Iros, is shown with a red star. Earthquake map via USGS

After analysing a high resolution aerial photo of the affected area, Touchstone Exploration Inc. was able to how these numerous fissures formed.

It then became clear that a pre-existing fault had moved laterally due to the earthquake, giving high instability to the nearby ground.

Active bubbling and audible gas explosion have been reported in that area, suggesting that mud volcanism is occurring along the fault rupture.

Last year, the Piparo mud volcano, situated in Central Trinidad, erupted and cracked roads and houses on the island. Back in 1997, another catastrophic eruption of that volcano covered an area of 2.5 km² and destroyed 33 homes.

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