Is it alien or something? Weird trumpet sounds heard in Germany, Malaysia and USA in August 2018


What are these strange sounds from the sky?

strange sounds, strange sounds august 2018, strange sounds around the world in August 2018
strange sounds around the world in August 2018.

Trumpet sounds heard in the skies of Bavaria, Germany on August 4, 2018

Weird noise in the sky of Penang, Malaysia on August 9, 2018

Apocalypse sounds coming from the sky in Dallas, Texas on August 23, 2018

Something fascinating is coming from our sky, but nobody knows from where and why. Do you?

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  1. This is totally fake the trumpet sound.see revelation will not take place until the 3rd temple in Israel has been built…only aft that prophesies takes place as its written in the Holy Bible…sm Anti Christ is up to smthing perhaps a fake rapture to fool the believers n kill them or sm major disaster is goin to happen at once in several places to depopulate the world..datz the main agenda of tbose devils one world order.while the depopulation disaster takes place these hypocrites hide themselves in undergroud bunkers..hilter killed many innocent ppl n in the same way the anti christ will be 3x worst then Hitler…

  2. I am the one making the sounds as I believe Jesus instructed me to do so. I can prove it if someone is willing to risk believing me. Not here to argue. Blessings!

  3. dit is geen echttrompetgeluiddit lijkt op walvis geluidenik heb echtetrompet geluiden gehoordjaren geledenhet komtjeziet overaluitbarstingen vanvulkanendaardoorvreselijke hitteook hier ineuropadat is het beginvorig jaarzagen wij hetgraf van jesusmaar hijis indehemel bij zijn vadervanwaar hij komt omteoordelenb.v.moslimsen hindoesdie niet geloven ingodszoonhetstaat opdemoskee in jerusalem god heeft geenzoonmaar jesusis de zoon vangodzittendaanderechterhand vanzijn vaderiedereen zal hem zienchristenen en niet christenenhij zei zelf ikbendealfa endeomega dieis diewas endie komthijgaf zijn leven vooronszodat wij kunnen leven tot ineeuwigheidAMEN!!!

  4. I’m going to take a stab at this. There is another celestial body (or bodies) approaching our planet. They make their transit every 10,000 years (or so). These bodies are interacting with the solar wind possibly deflecting it, affecting it in some way. The size of these bodies differ from small to massive. This disruption is not contained but filters its way down to our planet, thus manifesting the weird trumpet sound we’re hearing. To me, this sound is more like the grinding of gears. (Two or more planetary bodies gravity grinding against the other) There are so many things we Don’t know about the universe and our place in it. We are in the process of Discovery.

  5. eerst in israel nu overalook overal droogtedoor vulkaan uitbarstingenjesuskomt terughij verslaat deantichristdie 1000jaar gevangen wordt gezetde tijd om nogjesus teaanvaardenhetzal gepaard gaanmetvulkaanuitbarstingenergaat nog veel gebeurende liefdeoverwintaltijdde zoon van godonze here jezusneemt het overerkomt een nieuwe tempelisrael zal jezusaccepterenook de moslimsenandere geloveniedereen zalgodszien opdewolkenzoals hij gegaan iszal Hijterugkomendetrompetten klinkenen deaardetriltondergodsademhetzal gebeurenjesus komt terugkijk naar romedaar schud het ookdeverkeerdemensen daarjesusneemt het overtoen hij stier aan hetkruisgingen debegraafplaatsen open en dedoden liepen overdestraattoenjesus zijn laatsteadem uitbliesnu komt hijterug omdewereldteoordelen!!!Amenlord jesusyoudied for us and forgivealloursinsAMEN!!!

  6. Most likely Angela Merkel passing a little gas. When the trumpets of the real angels and the Lord sound, I promise you, you will realize they are not even in the same category


    M6 Earthquake and boiling water coming out underground near a nuclear power plant in Iran at the same time? This is not coincidence. I can explain what happened in Iran. Nuclear power plant in anywhere in the world have another purpose to house cannibal aliens. Yes, nuclear power plant = Reptilian base. Anyway, all the energy industries are operated by Reptilian entities. Galactic Federation of Light destroyed Reptilian Secret Underground Base that caused a huge tremor. GFL also used high temperature weapon to melt their base so that boiling water coming out of underground had been seen.

  8. What will Going on in Japan in tuesday Sep 4, 2018!!! Typhoon JEBI is coming

    Typhoon after typhoon, Japan has been pounding by many typhoons this year. By the way, Japanese government has decided to have more than $5 billion defense budget for next year. This is the biggest budget in Japanese history. Japanese government knows something big is coming? But they cannot fight with Galactic Federation of Light with low-tech conventional weapons. They cannot expect the war, but certainly they can expect more cataclysmic disasters.

  9. During Earth history, there were some huge asteroid collisions. Asteroid with more than 200km diameter collision happened between 11~20 times. Asteroid with more than 300km diameter collision happened between 3~11 times. Asteroid with more than 500km diameter collision happened between 0~6 times.

    The video below is the video estimated imaginary what might happen to the Earth if 500km diameter asteroid collide into the Earth. A whole Earth will receive tsunami of fire fragments of asteroid, and all the water in the sea will disappear. And of course, nobody (including Reptilians hiding their secret underground bases) can survive.

    Galactic Federation of Light said it is high possibility that the Earth’s low vibration attracts many kinds of disasters including asteroid collisions.

  10. In some area, the erosion has been so much progressed in these years. The Street view on Google Earth, we can see the road beside the sea, but right now, it has been completely collapsed including some kind of hotels beside the road in Japan. Some people commented “It looks like some kind of weapon was used for this area to be collapsed.”

  11. Well Project Blue or not – I need to start writing it down
    did forget to mention I did hear this sound again about two weeks ago in same area of my home Orange County, CA

  12. This is the trumpet noise the Bible explains in the Book of Revelation. Just before Rupture starts, people hear the trumpet noise all over the world. Galactic Federation of Light has decided that they are going follow the Bible most of people are so familiar. The contactee of Andromeda, Alex Collier, was told by Andromedans that they are going to follow the story of the Book of Reveleation in order to end the 3rd dimensional Earth.

    • you’re a moron….things have yet to happen for the trumphets to sound. You need to not be so ignorant and go read your bible again. Stop spreading lies in ignorance!

    • How is it the trumpet noise in the Bible…it was only heard in 3 areas…if it was the trumpets the WHOLE WORLD will hear. Don’t be deceived

      • ONLY those raptured will hear this particular trumpet NOT the whole world. The whole world will hear the trumpet sound after the true church is gone.

    • Seven trumpets from Wikipedia

      “In the Book of Revelation, Seven trumpets are sounded, one at a time, to cue apocalyptic events received in the Revelation of Christ Jesus, by John of Patmos. The seven trumpets are sounded by seven angels and the events that follow are described in detail from Revelation Chapters 8 to 11. “

      • This is AFTER the true church is gone. Also why out your faith in a non believing entity? Get they have NEVER read the book of Revelation so theirs called expertise is NON EXISTENT

  13. Heard x3 Trumpet Metallic sounding noise around July 7th around 6PM in the Orange County, CA area
    was having a BBQ outside and several of my friend did not hear anything and did not noticed, but it shocked me and froze me in my place for a bit – did not have time to record. It shook me to my core – to me it sound a bit like a battle call
    I will never forget that sound
    I’m a Buddhist and it has me wanting to get right with GOD
    it was that striking – what I heard….
    I know I’m not going crazy, even though no one else heard it or was paying attention to it – they were talking
    very ODD indeed

    • The Lord Jesus is there for you whenever your ready but these sounds are from Heaven and we all have to get ready the devil (antichrist) is coming and only has a short time to rule the earth!!!

    • I heard trumpets and drums in my home. It also froze me my dog who was with me didn’t hear anything. Jesus is coming!

    • Hi! Two choices: try to earn getting right with God by your good works, or— trust fully in the perfect finished work of Christ’s sacrifice. He paid it all! Time is so short, dear one. Today is the day of salvation!

    • Hey Bernadette! My first post to you disappeared (?) so I will try to duplicate it.
      Two options: trust in our own good works to save us— or trust in the perfect work of our Lord Jesus on the cross to save us. “Paid in full.” Trust Him today and ask for forgiveness of sins. Time is so short! Today is the day of salvation.

  14. I’ve heard many of these sounds on youtube videos, and the aggregate for me is that it seems like there’s heavy equipment doing something up there high in the sky that is either hidden by clouds/darkness or has the ability to disappear or otherwise be invisible. Anyway, what I think is going on is the building of a sort of “space station” where it may be that “they” will be transporting humans when “they” do the false rapture (project blue beam).

    • Possibly or test for sounds to be heard around world all together at once for fake rapture/return. All these Christians are getting played.

      • Boy will you be surprised! What is surprising is the seven year tribulation is ALL about the Jewish people. It is called the timeout Jacobs trouble. Jacob was the patriarch of the twelve tribes of appears NO textiles will be saved after the rapture. Those left behind will fall for the great delusion. The false prophet is the pope. Catholic religion is NOT Christian religion. BTW I have studied the end of days since 1976. I have seen seen come to pass that 1st century would have no knowledge of. The world has been divided into 10 nations since 1979. Saw in the U.N. Website. The one world government and one world religion is VERY close to being passed. You see no signs! You are a fool and I hope NOT to late before you realize the sheer stupidity you are mouthing! Several decades ago people burned at the stake for believing world was round. This was mentioned in the bible before anyone realized he earth was round. Just like the earth being round people will realize God is real. To bad It will be too late to accept Christ. 1000 prophecies in Bible. 500 hundred fulfilled with 100% accuracy. Book of Daniel so accurate non believers state it was written after the events. When Alexander the great read the book of Daniel he stated this was about him. I pity those who refuse to accept or believe in Christ. There is more evidence for Jesus Christ than anything else in human history stated the Dean of Harvard Law School in the 19th century. This Dean was also called the Father of Evidence.

    • Look up Trumpet sound warnings of Linda Newkirk at these sounds are generated to open up your spiritual centers to demonic possession/infiltration.

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