Strange Sound From the Sky Over Lakewood, Colorado


The strange sounds are back in Lakewood, Colorado again.

They were reported this morning, May 2, 2020, about 6:50-7:00 A.M. close to Pierce and Florida in Lakewood.

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Strange sounds recorded on video in Lakewood, Colorado on May 2, 2020.

This new sky noise was reported on my Facebook page by Candice Salazar.

The weir d noisewas also reported by Candice and another user in comments on an March 2020 Youtube video recorded in Denver, Colorado:

Candice:My mom lives in Lakewood too and heard these sounds this morning May 2 around 7 am. I remember seeing this video about a month ago and I sent it to her she said this is exactly what she heard. My mom also got it on video, it’s hard to hear because of the traffic.

Other witness:I heard this, this morning about 6:50 am close to Pierce and Florida in lakewood

Here is the sound reported by the mother of Candice:

Below is the video, where Candice and the other witness commented on May 2, 2020:

The video uploader wrote at that time: ‘Strange sound apparently coming from the sky, here over Colorado. It was audible inside the house but puppy cam caught it outside where it was much louder, disturbing dogs.

‘This is in a suburb west of Denver but before the mountains. Not sure if it’s atmospheric ducting, bouncing around distant sounds — or something else.

Almost sounds like a train on a sharp curve… maybe feedback from a radio, trumpets or whales… Some have said maybe sewer work? Anyone have a clue? We don’t have freight train tracks anywhere near us. 1/3/20 at 4:41pm.

The trumpets of the apocalypse are ringing louder and louder. We should listen more to the signs coming from the skies.

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  1. 4:45/ 5:30am as well, Wicklow Ireland, it sounded beautiful, not humane in cadence or features but blatantly beaming from the sky downwards (I’m in the attic) heard two whole segments, both about 2/3mins long, sounded like a gigantic ‘airy flute’, or the sound you get from running your finger around a wet glass but very distinct notes, the size of the sound danced around, somewhat similar in fluctuation to northern lights ☺️

  2. Update on this. At 4:45-5:15AM on 10/28/2020 I heard the EXACT same sounds coming from Alameda and Wads, in the Belmar neighborhood. I didn’t catch it on video, but this is the second time I’ve heard it. Very strange.

  3. These sounds don’t seem mechanical because they are musical notes in tune with each other, they are discreet pitches, and there is a rhythmic three note descent in the middle. I think it could be part of a song the angels enjoy. Angels play instruments and sing, they are often heard by people, and why not !

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