Caspian Sea Turns Blood Red in Kazakhstan


The water and ice along the shore of Aktau, Kazakhstan, have turned blood red, worrying locals.

Meanwhile, officials are investigating the strange phenomenon.

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Caspian Sea turns blood red in Kazakhstan. Picture via LADA

The water and snow along the Caspian Sea along the beach of Primorsky, Aktau, Kazakhstan turned blood red on February 9, 2020, baffling and frightening local residents.

Look at the white snow turning red. Very omnious indeed.

According to local news, the Caspian Sea was also colored in red back in 2017:

and in 2018:

According to local officials, the blood red water is due to at least 25 different types of algae that bloom from January to March.

On week ago, black snow fell over another city in Kazakhstan, during a power blizzard that turned the country upside-down.

So what behind this biblical red water? Pollution? Algae? Another sign of the End Time? More biblical headlines on Strange Sounds or Steve Quayle. []

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