Catastrophic Locust Invasion in East Africa Reaches Full-Blown Crisis as the Billions of Devastating Locusts Spread and Could Become the Most Devastating Plague in Living Memory


An outbreak of billions of locusts is currently invading East Africa, devouring everything on its path.

While the Desert Locust swarms are growing exponentially, the region, already suffering from extreme hunger, simply cannot afford another major shock.

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Unprecedented locust swarm hits East Africa. Picture via AP

Plagues are non-stop in Africa right now. Lassa fever spreads across Nigeria. Many see Africa as a hub for the Chinese economy and thus it is feared that the Wuhan coronavirus is spreading like fire on the continent. Finally, there is this biblical plague of locusts, swarming and devouring everything on their path.

As already exposed in my article, the apocalyptic horde of desert locusts has been destroying crops in Somalia and Ethiopia (worst outbreak in 25 years), before wreaking havoc in Kenya (worst plague in 70 years).

Now the massive tornadoes of insects are spreading further across the region, and have already entered Uganda.

Scientists are expecting they will move across the border into the southeast corner of South Sudan any day, where people struggles to emerge from civil war.

Food insecurity and wars across the region

Now, when you know that a single swarm can contain up to 150 million locusts per square kilometer of farmland, an area the size of almost 250 football fields, everything becomes even more nightmarish.

A medium-size swarm of the voracious insects can eat the same amount of food as the entire population of Kenya or as everybody in the tri-state area (New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York). So not taking action in time — you can see the consequences.

Food insecurity already threatens 13 million people in the region — 10 million in places affected by locusts — and another 20 million people in the region are in danger of going hungry.

Immediate action is needed before more rainfall in the weeks ahead brings fresh vegetation to feed new generations of locusts. If left unchecked, they say their numbers could grow up to 500 times before drier weather arrives.

This biblical invasion has the potential to become the most devastating plague of locusts in any of our living memories if we don’t reduce the problem faster than we’re doing at the moment,” U.N. humanitarian chief Mark Lowcock said.

Meanwhile, planes dumping pesticides from the air is considered the only effective control. The U.N. will begin testing drones equipped with mapping sensors and atomizers to spray pesticides.

This plague of locust is already a catastrophe, but could easily turn into a full-blown and unprecedented humanitarian and societal crisis for Africa up to the Middle East in the next few months. Urgent efforts must be made to protect the livelihoods of farmers and livestock holders. Otherwise, there will be blood! More locust plague news on Strange Sounds or Steve Quayle. [FoxNews, Independent]

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  1. Locust attack: ‘This is very, very rare’

    Changing wind patterns in India-Pakistan and frequent cyclones in the Indian Ocean due to climate change are creating suitable breeding conditions for locusts, says Keith Cressman, senior locust forecasting officer with the Food and Agriculture Organization

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