Record-Smashing Bombogenesis Blizzard Hits Newfoundland, Canada! Here’s The Best Pictures And Videos


The historic Bomb blizzard that slammed Newfoundland on January 17, 2020 is now on its way to Greenland.

But it left snow-buried neighborhoods, a slew of power outages and shattered records in its wake. Here the most amazing pictures and videos out there.

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‘Bomb’ blizzard buried cars and homes with more than 12 feet of snow in parts of Newfoundland. Picture via Twitter

A few weeks ago, a sudden snow storm buried Iceland in meters of snow. A few days ago, a truck was blocked by huge snow drift on a highway in Idaho. Now, an extreme bomb blizzard left streets deserted across much of eastern Newfoundland on January 17, 2020, trapping people in their homes and prompting officials to declare a state of emergency in St. John’s. And the pictures and videos you will discover below are just insane!

The snow and wind storm was relatively short in duration but unusually ferocious even for an area used to powerful ocean storms during the winter.

This was one of the most infamous nor’easter/Atlantic seaboard storms ever.

During this new storm, St. John’s broke its record for the most snow in 24 hours, recording 30 inches, as the storm hit Newfoundland and Labrador on Friday.

Insane, no?

A state of emergency continued in the provincial capital and elsewhere through Sunday as most businesses were ordered closed and few beyond emergency vehicles were allowed on the roads.

The province’s English school district announced that all schools on the Avalon Peninsula will be closed Monday.

Schools in the Discovery Collegiate system on the Bonavista Peninsula — which includes Discovery Collegiate, Matthew Elementary and Catalina Elementary — will also be closed Monday, along with École Rocher-du-Nord in St John’s.

Looking at this snow I would close everything down!

Snow drifts rose 12 to 15 feet high on some highways. The Canadian armed forces were called in to help clear the deluge.

What about this punky car?

St. John’s International Airport measured 30 inches of snowfall Friday, its snowiest single day in records dating to 1942. The previous record of 26.9 inches was set in April 1999.

Totals in other areas were higher, and wind speeds of 100 mph or greater made it difficult to measure the snow amid blowing and drifting.

Hurricane-force winds piled snow against homes, and residents woke Saturday to drifts that completely covered their cars and blocked first floors. As one person put it on Twitter atop a picture of icy white pushing all the way up their windows: “All we can do now is hibernate!

And somewhere under all this snow is a row of cars and front doors. This is going to take a while.

The storm was a bombogenesis and was accompanied by powerful winds of up to 74 mph or greater, with higher gusts, creating whiteout conditions.

On Friday evening, about 10,000 people in the vicinity of St. John’s were without electricity. On Saturday, almost 7,000 customers in the St. John’s area were experiencing unplanned outages. Newfoundland Power says power has been restored to about 75 per cent of customers impacted by outages.

Snow cleanup efforts in the province had to be suspended at times amid deteriorating weather.

The federal government approved Newfoundland and Labrador’s request for assistance in dealing with the aftermath of a record-smashing blizzard and has sent the army in to primarily clearing snow.

This was no ordinary storm. It is certainly something that Newfoundland residents will be talking about for the rest of their lives… I’ve never seen or experienced anything like it. By the way, look at these amazing snow drifts in Idaho. Find similar headlines on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [CBC, CBC1, WP]

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